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I firmly believe that one voice can make a big difference. That’s why I have a calling to write my memoir in order to inspire, empower, and encourage women (and men) to ‘Love Life and Celebrate™’! After all, we only pass by this world once, only one chance to make this a better place for us and for generations to come.

If we can openly talk about our experiences and how we solved the issues we faced only then we can help women to experience beautiful relationships and happy lives with love!

Please tell me what your challenges were and where you are today. You can remain anonymous if you desire.

Thank you very much for sharing,

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    “Life is too short to waste… Courage will light your way!”

    Have A Fabulous Super Star Survivor Day!

  2. I just want to say I absolutely love your website. You certainly have been through a great deal in your life. Thanks a lot for revealing so much important information. I look forward to your book!

  3. Your website is fantastic, I just found it, and I’m interested to learn more. Thank you for your mission, it’s very important to help women (and men).

  4. Hi Karen, I’m exhausted from reading about your journey. It must’ve been so hard for you to deal with working hard and dealing with a mentally disturbed husband who wouldn’t go for help. I admire your work ethic and never give up attitude. I’m so glad you’re in a happy place now. God bless you for going forward and helping others. I’m looking forward to reading your book!

  5. Hi Everyone!

    My blog area had technical difficulties, therefore, I lost numerous comments and responses. Thank goodness I’m up and running now! Here are my responses to many of your comments. Let’s keep sharing that’s how we help each other!
    Joannie, of course I remember you from Las Vegas. Hope you’re doing well and keep coming back to blog with me.
    Mitchell, I wish I knew the exact answer to the bullying and violence surrounding us every day. Education is certainly one way to combat the lack of tolerance for our neighbors whose beliefs might be different from ours. More must be done to change negative attitudes to positive attitudes. We need to live in peace and express kindness to everyone.
    Tina, I’m glad that by reading about my journey on my website that you are inspired to move forward and find happiness, you deserve it.
    To entrepreneur Pete, don’t ever give up! Yes, you may have to reinvent yourself and change your focus if one business doesn’t work, but keep on the path with your passion.
    Bonita, good for you! When hard work is combined with determination, you succeed, congratulations! Great hearing from you, keep in touch.
    To Ilene and Sandi, finding your soul mate or Mr. or Mrs. Right is not easy. But as they say, “Nothing worthwhile comes easy.” It’s the same in business and in life.
    When my book is published there will be two very important chapters based on positive and negative personality traits to look for when seeking a soul mate. Until then, take your time and get to know someone very well before taking a leap into marriage. There’s nothing worse than feeling trapped in a bad marriage especially when there are children involved. I speak from experience.
    To all who have complimented me on my ability to move forward and never give up, thank you. Here’s a line from one of my poems that will appear in my book. It expresses, very simply, how I’ve faced challenges in my life, “We all have choices to live or run and hide”. I learned a great deal on my journey and as a matter of fact I learn something new every day, I hope you do, too!
    Until next time, look for a new video coming soon with exciting announcements about my goal to build a community where everyone will learn how to Avoid Abusive Relationships, Find Your Soul Mate, Become An Entrepreneur, use Courage, Strength, Resilience, and a Sense of Humor to Live Life and Celebrate!
    Remember my motto, “Life is too short to waste… Courage will light your way!”

    Best to you always,

  6. I’m an entrepreneur I think! It’s not easy, it’s hard. Some days it’s good other days very frustrating. I don’t know if I should continue. Any suggestions from anyone?
    Will your book talk about being an entrepreneur?

    1. Yes, Pete, I talk extensively about entrepreneurship in my book because I’ve been there, in more than one business, all with following my passion! Many days will be difficult but oh so worthwhile in my opinion, don’t give up!

  7. Me too! I can’t seem to find Mr. Right and I don’t know why. I meet these men who are so into themselves that it’s like there’s no room in their life for a soul mate. I’m a Millennial who has a good job so I’m out in the work world everyday and I meet lots of people but so far not the right type of guy. I don’t go to bars because I don’t think that’s the right place to meet the right man. I won’t give up but it’s frustrating. Good luck with your book!

  8. Hi Karen,
    Do you know the secret to finding your soul mate? I’m still dating (not telling you my age), and can’t find Mr. Right, yet. I don’t think I’m too fussy. I know that I have a lot to offer the right man and I don’t want to settle. Do you have any hints for me? Thanks.
    Can’t wait to read your book!

  9. I never respond to blogs. Someone told me about your website and I just had to write in. I’ve been to more than one psychologist in my life to help me get through my abusive marriage and disgusting divorce. I’ve had a lot of trouble finding a focus and going forward. Your journey has inspired me and your video cheered me up! I’m making a new effort now to get busy, get involved in a new project and be happy! Thank you for being you and please post when your book is published!

  10. Karen you are an amazing lady! I just came across your website and read it front to back. You deserve all the credit in the world for never giving up and eventually succeeding. Good for you. I look forward to reading your book.

  11. Bless you for coming forward to help others. It’s very brave of you to tell your story. Lots of women can’t get it together to move forward after loss and difficulties. I’m sure your book will help many people to not to give up and be what they were meant to be in life and make a difference as you are!

  12. I sure appreciate the journey of a fellow entrepreneur! I, too, have worked very hard to build my business. Even though it was a lot of hard work for many years, until I reaped a profit, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m still working at 65 years old because I love what I do and my work keeps me young! I admire your tenacity!
    I love your video! Keep up the good work and get your book published soon!

  13. I wonder what needs to be done to stop all the violence and bullying? Why is it getting worse and worse? Who is to blame? Parents or lack of parental guidance? Are schools not doing enough to reach out to children about getting along in peace? Where do we go from here? In my opinion, accepting one another for our differences and peace is certainly the better option!
    Can’t wait for your book to be published, I look forward to reading about your journey!
    Happily married in California!

  14. Hi Karen, I read your whole website and I’m wondering, how did you get started as an entrepreneur? Did someone give you money to get started? Was someone in your family in their own business, too? I would like to start my own business and I have a great idea but I’m scared to do it with no money behind me. I can’t quit my job because I like to ‘eat’ and I need to keep a roof over my head! What do you suggest I do?
    Frustrated in Florida!

    1. Hi Cookie, Thank you for reading my entire website! To answer your question, no one gave me money to start my journey as an entrepreneur and no one in my family was in their own business.
      I always wanted to be in my own boss and I was determined to do so. Many businesses can be started with little or no money after your day job, in the evenings and weekends, if you are passionate about succeeding.
      If you need money to get started perhaps there is a relative or friend who will help you especially if they believe in your idea for a business.
      Keep in mind that it takes a great deal of dedication, patience, and hard work to build a business! Nothing happens overnight. However, if you’re like me, I loved all the businesses that I developed, therefore, they became a labor of love!
      Good luck and let know how you are doing!

      1. Karen, how did you do it? How did you accomplish being in your own business while suffering in an abusive marriage for many years? It almost seems like an impossible feat. How could you concentrate on business if your spouse was screaming at you a lot?
        I’m in my own business and can’t imagine what you went through to keep on going and being abused at the same time, girl you are a strong woman!
        Please announce when your book is published. I love your videos.

  15. Hi Karen, remember me from Las Vegas? I’m so glad you’re doing well.
    I loved your magazine and even won one of the contests that you ran where I received a gift certificate to a great restaurant and a Las Vegas Now Magazine T-shirt that I still wear! I commend you for being someone who never gives up and a great entrepreneur! Have a great Holiday!
    Good luck with your book let me know when it’s published.

  16. I was one of those men who were verbally and physically abused by my wife. It was horrible. I never would reach out to hurt her, but she had no problem hurting me. We had one child and the abuse got so bad that I finally had to divorce her. I got custody of my daughter and couldn’t be happier away form my ex.
    Thank you for what you are doing!

    1. ME TOO! It was hell living with my ex-wife, yes ex-wife NOW! All she knew how to do was throw things at me when she didn’t agree with me, really sick. No children so at least they couldn’t be damaged.
      Happy now, remarried with 3 children! Life can be good with the right person!
      Love your videos, they say a lot about what you experienced. Looking forward to your book!

  17. Karen it was a coincidence that I found your website and I’m so glad I did. You really accomplished a lot in your life that you should be very proud of. Hold you head up high and go forward to help others. I love what you’re doing, congratulations and I want to read your book. Please let me know when it’s published!

  18. Hi Karen I remember you from Las Vegas! I loved reading your magazine and never knew that your marriage was in trouble. You hid it very well. I can relate that when you’re in business you don’t want anyone to know if there are problems at home. I’ve been there, too! It took a lot for me to finally divorce my abuser and now I’m so happy because I met a wonderful man!
    I know you book will help many people and I look forward to reading it! I’m glad you’re happy, you deserve it!

  19. Hi Karen, I’m in a really bad situation right now. Wonder if you have any suggestions. I lost my job and have 2 children with an emotionally abusive husband. I feel like I’m being tortured every day and my young children are hearing too much. I don’t have much money to go out on my own. What do you think I should I do?

    1. HI Gina,
      I’m so sorry that you are going through such a tough time. I can certainly relate. As I express in my book, you need to get help ASAP. Have you tried going to marriage counseling with your husband? If that doesn’t work please reach out to someone whom you can trust and confide in. If you don’t have family, then there are clergy or perhaps your doctor or your children’s doctor. These people should be able to steer you in the right direction to get the help you need. If you have to leave your home with your children, ask your clergy or doctor where to go in your area.
      Please be safe and take care of your children. Let me know how you are doing. Keep up your strength and courage, things have a way of working out.

    2. Hi Gina,
      My story is very similar to yours. Karen’s suggestions are good. Have you gone to counseling with your husband? In my case counseling helped and my husband and I are working at a better marriage. We have 3 great daughters who we love with all our hearts and we want our family to be happy.
      Let Karen know how you are doing. I’ll be checking to find out.

    3. Gina, how are you doing? Don’t give up. I was once in your shoes until I told my husband that our marriage was over unless he went for help with me. We went to a marriage counselor and it took many sessions until my husband realized that his actions were not acceptable. I hope you are getting help that you need.

    4. Hi Karen & Amy,
      Thank you both for responding to me. Karen, your suggestion about seeking counseling really helped! After many sessions with a marriage counselor my husband realized that our family is most important to him and we are working things out. He is going for help on his own to help his temper.
      Thank you so much again for your help!

  20. It’s truly very sad. People who need help don’t go for it and the family around them suffers. I was there, too. I witnessed my father’s bad alcohol addiction that caused my mother to eventually give up and divorce him. He was extremely verbally abusive to her. I don’t blame my mom one bit for the divorce. I have no respect for my father who could have gone for help as my entire family begged him to do so.
    I’m anxious to hear that you book has been published and can’t wait to read it. I’m glad that you will help individuals with their struggles and help women avoid getting involved with the wrong person. Thank you.

    1. You’re correct. The entire family suffers when one addicted member refuses help. Marriage turns into divorce causing pain for the wife and children. It’s a no win situation, everyone looses. At least your mother walked away to have a life once again. NO one deserves to be abused, ever!

  21. Hello Karen,
    I know exactly where you are coming from. My husband almost killed me with his constant harassment and bullying. No one deserves that kind of treatment. When we first met he was so kind. After a few years of marriage I met the monster that was hidden inside of him. He also would not go for help and he surely needed it. Two children later, I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and divorced him. I am so much better off and I’m glad you got out, too. I’m looking forward to reading your book and your late husbands poetry. Bless you for coming forward to help other women!

    1. Thank you, Susan, for your comments. It’s unfortunate that it’s so difficult to get people with mental issues to go for help. Especially when everyone around them like their spouse, children, and physicians tell them that they need help. If more people would accept help so many lives would be better off including the person with the mental problems!

    1. Interesting question, Mark. My ex-husband was diagnosed but never treated because he wouldn’t accept help. According to him there was nothing wrong with him. Everyone else simply didn’t believe him. Very sad and extremely difficult to live with someone like that who has no self control, who screams, and threatens. Of course my book explains much more.

      1. Oh yes, I surely understand what denial is like from an abusive husband. My ex needed mental help, but just like your husband, there was nothing wrong with him, everyone else was wrong! When a woman is going through all of this hell/abuse she thinks no one else has ever suffered the same. How wrong one can be. There is much too much spousal abuse. I hope you will be able to do something about it!
        Thank you Karen, I look forward to your book and I’m going to ask if you could speak at one of the associations I belong to.

    1. To Allison and Gloria, you asked what was the final straw that made me decide to divorce my abusive now ex-husband. Certainly it wasn’t one thing, it was a culmination of everything he was putting me through. You will understand after you read my book.
      However, what I can briefly tell you is that I simply couldn’t take it any more, I was drowning in pain, I couldn’t take anymore psychological violence that he was inflicting on me.

  22. Looks like you’ve been through a lot, but you survived and that’s most important. Congratulations!
    I have female friends who are definitely in abusive controlling marriages and I feel sorry for them.
    I’m happily married with two young sons. My husband and I are friends and we work at our marriage.
    I hope more people realize that a man and a woman are equal and one should not be bullied by the other!
    Can’t wait to read your book and I’ll pass it around!

    1. You bring up a very good point, thank you Nancy.
      Many couples don’t believe that one has to work at a marriage. Marriage is a two way street and we all have different ideas and feelings.
      There needs to be a great deal of give and take to make a happy marriage!

  23. I recently lost my husband the father of my four children and I’m still in mourning. I know I have to go forward I know I have to be there for my children.
    Just from reading what you posted on this website you have encouraged me and I look forward to hearing that your book is published so I can buy it thank you.

    1. Thank you for writing to me, Wendy. I certainly understand your situation and it is a very difficult one. I wish you well. Hang in there, it gets easier as every day passes.
      Be well.

  24. Believe it or not, I was an abused husband. My ex-wife was sweet when I married her then turned into a monster a few years later. I was very glad that we never had children.
    I’m remarried and very happy. Your book sounds like it will be a big hit. I’m anxious to read the poetry written by your late husband since I also write poetry.
    Good luck with the book, I will definitely purchase it.

    1. Yes, men suffer in abusive marriages, too. Statistics show that 85% of women and 15% of women are abused.
      I’m glad you are doing well and are in a good marriage, now.
      My late husbands poetry and prose are quite emotional and meaningful. I’m anxious for everyone to read them.
      Thank you very much for responding.

  25. I had a difficult marriage, but not as abusive as yours. I’m looking forward to reading your book.
    It sounds like you had it rough but with courage and perseverance you made a better life for yourself, good for you!
    I believe your story will help many women and as you say, men, as well.

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