Karen M. Shenman is a “Super Star Survivor™”! There’s no book or memoir like her story. Heartfelt, heartbreaking and heartwarming, it’s an explosive story with huge broad appeal. The title of her memoir, to be published soon, has been changed to, “Psychology of a Super Star Survivor™”.  It’s spellbinding about a life lived with tragic loss, a dramatic abusive relationship, great love, and an inspiring ending! With Courage, Strength and Resilience, she Persevered by holding her head up high with Confidence to always do her best, become a successful Entrepreneur, Love Life and Celebrate!

Ms. Shenman states, “We plan and then life happens. It’s how we mentally handle the challenges in life that makes the difference between a Survivor and a Super Star Survivor™. We all have “Choices To Live Or Run And Hide™”.  Everyone needs to learn how to C.R.E.A.T.E. their life.”

Video as it appears on YouTube and LinkedIn.

Video as it appears on YouTube and LinkedIn.

Video as it appears on YouTube and LinkedIn.

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“Psychology of a Super Star Survivor™” continues with several chapters devoted to an invaluable guide to help you find true love and happiness without falling into a trap of abuse. While writing Ms. Shenman was inspired to include a few beautiful love poems and prose composed by her and her late husband, Phillip F. Gerson, Esq. She plans to write a book of poetry that will include all of their poetry and prose. Several are so very beautiful that they should definitely be put to music.

Ms. Shenman explains, “Life is a journey, everyone’s journey is different, all intertwined with the people who cross their paths. There aren’t any books, computer programs, or apps that give instructions on how to live the best life possible. Everyone has his or her own hills and valleys to traverse. Life is a gift, a gift that should be appreciated every single day because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.”

It is said that when one door closes another one opens. In order to experience that one must not be afraid to go forward and open the door to the possibilities that lay before them. Courage, strength, persistence, passion, sense of humor, and chutzpah are just a few of the qualities that Ms. Shenman believes are necessary to succeed in life, and in business. However, it’s not easy to accomplish.

Ms. Shenman’s memoir takes you from the city to the suburbs, to the ocean’s sunny beaches “down the Jersey shore” to the glittering bright lights and glitzy jingling casinos of Las Vegas, to several romantic and exquisite cities in Italy, to Venice, Paris, and back home to New Jersey, it’s been quite a ride!

She was the apple of her parent’s eyes. However, she didn’t plan to talk about how she was raised in her book. No, Ms. Shenman thought that her life as an adult, with the wisdom she gained from her life experiences would be enough to inspire and empower women. After giving it a great deal of thought, she decided that by delving into her past as a child raised in the turmoil of a loving/twisted domestic violent home, it was extremely important to show how with courage, strength, and resilience, one could find love, become successful, live life, and celebrate! And so, she added a new first chapter to explain her journey filled with a great deal of strife and pain as a child, and how she succeeded through it all.

Unfortunately, Ms. Shenman experienced trauma and domestic violence for decades. To learn how grateful she is today, and how she thrives as a Super Star Survivor™ is a riveting and extremely important lesson for everyone.

When she married her late husband, the father of her children, she thought it would be forever. He was a very special person with a sparkling personality, fabulous sense of humor, and unyielding determination to succeed. Never allowing serious illness to stop him, his goal was to become an attorney and so he did. Unfortunately, his life was tragically cut short. Ms. Shenman and her children were devastated.

Marrying on the rebound, she didn’t know her new husband well enough before making a life changing commitment. Spousal abuse is insidious; the deception and lies were hard to recognize early on until all hell broke loose! The psychological, verbal, emotional, financial, and passive aggressive abuse was shocking, and paralyzing. Stealing, gambling, threatening, bullying, irrational actions, and unrelenting screaming became a way of life for her from her “loving and devoted husband”. Her life was spiraling out of control. She lived in constant fear that he might physically harm her, as well.
Ms. Shenman graphically explains how she struggled to reinvent herself many times over the years in order to have an income to raise her children, put them through college, and save for the future. No one knew what she was going through; she kept it quiet so that her businesses could continue. Amazing that she was able to succeed!

From serious car accidents to life-threatening surgery, there’s much to learn from her courageous story of strength, perseverance, and resilience. Finally, she divorced her abusive husband. Surely the tension and stress would kill her if she stayed.

This book should become a catalyst for teaching the subject of Relationships in schools. Beginning in home-karen-kisselementary school, through high school, college, and onward, it’s never too early or too late to learn important life lessons. Teachers, professors, psychologists, and psychiatrists will find Ms. Shenman’s book a necessary educational tool for their students and patients. In addition, it will help women (and men) of all ages in all walks of life.

Karen M. Shenman is determined to make a difference in the world by bringing joy and knowledge to the masses, women in particular. Her journey will entertain and inspire all who read it.

Her passion and mission are three fold:

One: To inspire and empower women who have experienced trauma and or domestic violence, to use Courage to find Love, Happiness, and become a Super Star Survivor™!

Two: To educate women how to C.R.E.A.T.E. their lives, avoid abusive relationships, Love Life and Celebrate!

Three: She will give back by donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Super Star Survivor t-shirts (see the Pay It Forward Store TAB), from her speaking engagements, and from the sale of her book (not yet published), to non-profits that protect and help women get back on their feet after suffering domestic violence.

At her speaking engagements and in her book, Ms. Shenman gives the keys to avoid abusive relationships including Positive and Negative Personality Traits to look for when seeking a soul mate.

To empower everyone to find the courage to, literally, save their lives. She exclaims, “No one should ever be abused!” She looks forward to accomplishing this through her memoir, speaking engagements, television and radio interviews, magazine articles, and podcasts.

She states, “Together let’s build a community where everyone will learn how to move forward in life and not look back. Furthermore, we all need a little chutzpah and sense of humor to keep us sane.” You will find it amusing when she explains what helped her survive through all the years of pain and anguish. You won’t believe it and you may want to try it!

When Karen garnered the courage to change her life and end her abusive marriage, she was fortunate to find love once again. It’s all about the “Psychology of a Super Star Survivor™”. You must read her fabulous breakthrough inspirational book!

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Start a conversation… Start a movement to eradicate domestic violence, sexual violence, and spousal abuse. Learn how to Love Life, Celebrate and become a Super Star Survivor™!

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“Life is too short to waste… Courage will light your way.” ~ Karen M. Shenman